Non-Deposit accepting NBFC holding Category B license of RBI
A full fledged money changer
Listed with Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd.
A leading Company in providing financial services
Entered in Power sector in 2005


Registrar and Share Transfer Agent

M/s. Niche Technologies Private Ltd.
Phone Nos. (033) 2235-7270/7271, 2234-3576
Fax: (033) 2215- 6823

Mailing Address:
D-511, Bagree Market,
71, B.R.B. Basu Road
Kolkata- 700 001.

Shareholders/ Investors Grievance Redressal

Ms. Sarika Mehra
Executive Director & Company Secretary
Email: -
Phone: (033) 2237 7201
Fax: (033) 2237 6111

Mailing Address:
Todi Mansion, 9th Floor
1, Lu Shun Sarani,
Kolkata -700 073

Investors can e-mail their queries on

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