Non-Deposit accepting NBFC holding Category B license of RBI
A full fledged money changer
Listed with Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd.
A leading Company in providing financial services
Entered in Power sector in 2005


Initially, the Company was engaged in the activities of Hire Purchase & Leasing of commercial vehicles, cars, earth moving equipments & bills discounting. In the year 2000 the Company had also done lease financing of non renewable energy equipments. At present, the Company is mainly financing three wheelers for passenger as well as load applications, refinance of commercial vehicles.

The company has commenced its full fledged money changing operation from the financial year 1998 and onwards.

The Company has also set up two 1.25 MW- Wind Turbine Generators, at Dhule & Sangli in the State of Maharashtra.

Further, the Company has recently, diversified in the business of Real Estate Development.

At present, NPR Finance Ltd has branches at New Delhi and Ahmedabad.

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