NPR FINANCE LIMITED, a Listed, Non Banking Non-Deposit taking Company & floated by Nand Lal Todi Group of Companies, was incorporated on 12th June, 1989 by the name & style of NPR Finance Pvt. Ltd. Subsequently on 30th September, 1989, it was converted into a deemed Public Limited Company. It went public in February, 1995 and raised Rs. 7.5 Crores. The Company’s Equity shares were listed in the Calcutta Stock Exchange Association Limited, The Stock Exchange- Ahmedabad and Bombay Stock Exchange Limited since public issue

Subsequently, the equity shares of the Company have been delisted from the Stock Exchange –Ahmedabad and the Calcutta Stock Exchange Association with effect from1st April, 2004 and 1st April, 2007 respectively in accordance with SEBI (Delisting of Securities Guidelines,2003, for voluntary delisting. The Company’s equity shares at present are listed with the Bombay Stock Exchange Limited.